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    YAZHL ECO SYSTEMS PVT LTD manufacturers of Corona Discharge based best Ozone Generators and Ozone Air Purifiers for air and waste water treatment, Shrimp Hatcheries, Aquaculture, Drinking Water, Laundry, Swimming Pool, STP, Treatment at Chennai, India. ozone-genrator-manufacturer-in Chennai-india. In the world of water treatment ozone generators based treatment occupies a very important place due to its uniqueness and also for its exceptional properties like disinfection, odour removal, color removal along with turbidity and sludge control. YAZHL OZONE brings you a step closer for a clean and efficient water treatment most importantly in a eco-friendly way. Our systems gives better output with high ozone concentration and is also credible. It will also give you cost effective solutions which can be used across spectrum where water needs to be treated.

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