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  • Termite Treatment Service

    ₹2 / 1 sq feet

    Termite: While termites aren't very dangerous to humans during a basic method, the harm they cause is big, either to buildings and houses or crops. Post (Constructed or Existing Building)Construction Treatment: Treatment To wall Floor Junction, Holes of 12 min Diameter 18-20 inches Apart will be Drilled along the Inner junction of wall and floor at depth of 6 on the Entire foundation and 4” on the first floor premises. The world Class recent Technological Development Termiticides will be injected into these holes by our trained Technicians .All the mud tubes will be sprayed and it will be removed for controlling the existing movement of termites. Pre-Construction Treatment: Bottom Surface and sides of foundation pits up to a height of 30cms will be treating. Backfill earth immediate contact with foundation will be soaked with chemical for treating the soil.At least an externally perimeter of the building will be treated with chemicals. Frequency and guarantee: One Time Treatment, 5 years service Warranty Charges : Starts from Rs 4.50 per Sq. Feet For post Construction Level.Starts from Rs 9.00 per Sq. Feet For all stages for pre-Construction Level.

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