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1. What are Cold Pressed Oils? Cold Pressed oils are oils extracted in a much healthier process. In this process, seeds are not tortured at high temperature or subjected to harsh chemicals. Instead extraction is being done at temperature below 35°C ensuring the oil maintains its character .Once the oil settles, it is just filtered and bottled. 2. Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils: - Good Source of Anti-oxidants , Omega-3 & Omega-6 - Since Cold Pressed, they do not lose naturally occurring Vitamin E , plus the oils also maintain their levels of essential fatty acids namely Omega 3 & Omega-6 . - No Transfat & Saturated Fat. - No Heat Processing or chemical flushing means the oil is devoid of transfat & saturated fats - Standard is providing Cold Pressed Oils / Chekku oil / chekku ennai in chennai manufactured from Vaagai Marachekku . 3. Why Vaagai Marachekku? “Vaagai oil finds a mention in Sangam literature as a healing agent for wounds. That is proof of the healing powers of the wood. It absorbs heat and maintains atmospheric temperature in oil extraction. The cold-pressed oil this way is packed with nutrients and health benefits, something which our ancestors enjoyed. Wanna to try genuine cold pressed oils? Please buy from online @ https://www.standardcoldpressedoil.com

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