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    Demand Generation is an important KPI in a B2B organization. Getting people to fill the Contact Us form is the major KPI for B2B Marketers or Senior Executives. Digital Marketing has become an important Demand Generation channel and organizations have begun forming in-house teams. Lots of activities happen ranging from creating web pages, blogs, emails and social media posts. Results have begun showing up. With the understanding that Content is the sales person, organizations produce lots of content. However, with the enormity of the content that is available on the Internet, getting your assets in front of people is pretty tough. B2B Buyers are also very pressurized with their jobs that the attention span is very low for them. So, two things are important It is important that the organization shows an image of Thought Leadership in every digital asset they produce. The two day B2B Digital Marketing Training will focus on getting the results better from every channel by the choosing the right keywords, writing the right blogs, developing the right format of content , sending the right types of emails, analysing the reports right and constantly evolving to make the digital channels perform better for you.

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