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  • Equity Demat Services

    Mutual Funds, Corporate Fixed Deposits, Corporate Bonds, Govt. of India Bonds, Demat Accounts, Stock Broking, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, PAN Card, eTDS and National Pension System.  

  • Mutual Funds

    Equity has been one of the best performing asset classes with a potential to earn highest capital appreciation and has been proved historically in India. However, it is very much important for the investors to identify and buy the right dividend paying equity shares in the market. Investors, who do not have the time and expertise in identifying the right stock, can invest now through Equity Mutual Funds. Mutual Funds in India are professionally managed and they diversify the Investments. Ideal approach to invest in Equity Mutual Funds is through Systematic Investment Plans (SIP). SIP is a simple financial planning tool that helps to create wealth, by investing small sums of money regularly in Best Mutual Fund schemes.   It is similar to a recurring deposit with a facility of making investments on monthly basis instead of a lump sum.  

  • Fixed Deposit Services

    These fixed deposits are currently unsecured in nature. They offer slightly higher returns vis-à-vis the bank deposits. Fixed deposits can be made for a period ranging from 1 to 5 years and the investor can choose monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly options for receiving the interest payments according to their needs. If you are looking for company fixed deposit with highest FD interest rate in India or Companies accepting fixed deposit schemes in India, you search ends here.  

  • Tax Services

    Integrated is one of the best PAN CARD service provider in India registered with PROTEAN for offering Tax related services. We facilitate in applying for a NEW PAN Card or making changes to your existing PAN Card. We assist in preparation of files and facilitate the uploading of ETDS & GST returns in their online tax filing portal for all registered companies: Listed / Unlisted and Private including SME/ MSME Companies. Service Offering includes NPS - Corporate sector Model, which benefits both employers and employees. We also assist in filing of Income Tax returns by Individuals. (Capital Gains, Business or Profession, Insurance Commission etc.) If you face any difficulty in filing your return online, with the Income Tax portal, please contact us.  

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